Name: Thelma

City: Houston, Texas

Current Car: 1980 Mercedes Benz 250 Long Wheel Base

Q: What was your first car and do you have any special memories of it? 
When I was pregnant with my third child. I knew it was going to be a boy. My husband thought it was going to be another girl. We made a bet. I won and he gifted me this car. I’ve owned it for 28 years.

Q: What do you love about your current car?
The space this car gives is great. When my kids were in school I would drive them around in it. It has the same functionality and practicality of a utility vehicle. I could pile in all my kids’ friends and drive them to the pool or mall or wherever we were headed that day with ease and style.

Q: Are you connected with other car enthusiasts? What do you like about sharing this hobby with others?
Actually, driving it in the city. No matter if it’s stop or go traffic, when you are in this car it’s like a total escape in itself.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share about being a classic/sport car owner?
I never thought I would be a car enthusiast, but it’s become an interest my husband and I share. We’ve met some really cool people over the years that we still keep in touch with.