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More than a Parking Spot

5822 Car Club is more than a brick and mortar automobile garage. Our founders and members understand the nostalgia a vintage car can hold. Based on the values of the European car club, members can enjoy a community of car enthusiasts right in the heart of Houston.


Besides taking care of your car, we want to take care of you. We invite our members to join us for quarterly social events to meet fellow drivers and discuss their hobbies on-site amid a backdrop of 50+ beautiful cars. These casual, family-friendly events allow our members to share the art of classic cars across generations, passing from fathers and grandfathers to their sons, daughters and grandchildren.
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Online Community

Our members also join an online community to share resources for car parts, auto shows, motor club events and more. It’s a place where our members form friendships, and then catch up in person at one of our on-site events.

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