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Our Founder

Founder Gus Kidonakis has over 40 years of experience in the auto industry. His passion for auto engineering fuels his desire to restore and maintain classic and exotic cars. From a small village on the island of Crete, Gus was first introduced to car mechanics at 12 years old through a technical school program at his local orthodox monastery.

He prefers the older cars of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, which he says have superior engineering in a mechanical sense. Gus always says older cars respect the craft of engineering more than the cars of today.

The Automobile Club of France, circa 1900

The Automobile Club of France, circa 1900

History of motor clubs in Europe

The idea of a luxury car garage and club hybrid came from Gus’s experience with European car clubs. Borne from an era when like-minded car enthusiasts would caravan across the country together, talk about and share knowledge of their cars and answer the call for help when someone was stuck on the road, the Kidonakis family adapted this vision to fit into the modern day and tailored it to serve their loyal customers.

The personal attention given to car club members and the attention Gus gives to each of his clients and projects is foundational to 5822 Car Club.

Our Storage Facility

5822 Car Club provides convenient and accessible car storage in Houston.

With space for just 57 cars, your vehicle will benefit from individualized and regular service and maintenance checks to make sure your car stays in an optimal, drivable condition.

Automobile storage in Houston has never been easier. Our secure, climate-controlled facilities help prevent heat or sun damage to your vehicles, and routine service prevents disrepair from inactivity.

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